The Mountaineer - The Problem SolverThe Mountaineer - The Problem SolverThe Mountaineer - The Problem Solver


The Mountaineer  
• Tough Hill to Mow?
• Soft Wet Grass to Mow?
• Steep Driveway to Snowblow?
You need The Mountaineer - the tractor specifically designed for difficult mowing and snow removal conditions.  Easy to drive. Fun to own.  And with attachments, a year 'round tool.
The Only 4x4x4 tractor on the market.
4-Wheel Drive.  4-Wheel Steer.  4-Wheel Braking.  There's Really Nothing Like It!

Wheel slippage is virtually eliminated through our patented transaxle. 
Our transaxle maximizes traction by providing constant velocity to all four wheels.
No Slip.  No Slide.  No Marks.
Attachments to help with most any job!See the Mountaineer Attachments!
The Mountaineer turns steep hills into the flatlands.  Steep hills, wet grass, and steep icy driveways are no problem for the Mountaineer.  Our patented turning systems and light weight will not dig up your wet turf or mark your lawn, and there is no need for chains in the winter.
Lots of landscaping?  No problem with the Mountaineer.  Our 4-wheel steer system lets you maneuver around all your tight turns.
Our patented transaxle.See the Mountaineer in action.
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